New Vehicles

Dahabshiil Motors offers BRAND NEW vehicles of all ranges. Bringing luxury affordability and reliability in an unmatched way accross the region.

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Vehicles Service

Dahabshiil Motors has state of the art vehicle service equipment and machinery with qualified mechanics to bring world class service and repairs at home.

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Vehicles Parts

Dahabshiil Motors has stocked genuine affordable vehicle spare parts that cater to all the most popular localy available car makes and models.

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Used Vehicles

For those looking for a sweet deal, Dahabshiil motors has within its inventory used cars that pass our highest quality control checks on offer.

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To create exceptional automotive value for our customers by harmoniously blending safety, quality and efficiency.

Dahabshiil Motors is determined to offer safe and reliable transport to its customers. Aligned with Hyundai brand slogan ‘New Thinking. New Possibilities’ we aspire to provide modern tech solutions to satisfy customer needs.

Why Choose us

Customer Experience

Our employees are equipped and determined to attend to customers’ needs and wants as and whenever needed. They have a quite good grasp of the concept of customer experience which has replaced the traditional customer care methods. Customer vehicles are maintained in a clean, well-equipped and safety-oriented workshops.

Professionalism and Efficiency

We try to identify issues and concerns and address them at the earliest time possible. There is available online and offline training which is commonly taken through Hyundai’s sales, service and parts learning programs. We have professional trainers that can train our technicians, advisors and service managers.

Product & Service Quality Assurance

Every imported Hyundai vehicle was validated that it had come out of the production facility, well inspected and tested in terms of its high quality of durability, performance, safety and comfort. Furthermore, Hyundai Company offers the lengthiest warranty period and mileage of five years or 100,000km whichever comes first. We believe that by providing and sustaining better services more and more customers will be willing to pay more for a quality product and service.