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Dahabshiil Motors

Dahabshiil Motors (DM) was officially hard launched on the 25th of July 2019 in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Among the main objectives for establishing this business, apart from being a profit-making, was to fill a gap that appeared to exist in the vehicle marketplace in Somaliland/Somalia, specifically the provisioning of affordable brand-new vehicles through a distributorship arrangement with one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

To create exceptional automotive value for our customers by harmoniously blending safety, quality and efficiency. DM is determined to offer safe and reliable transport to its customers. Aligned with Hyundai brand slogan ‘New Thinking. New Possibilities’ we aspire to provide modern tech solutions to satisfy customer needs.

To attain our vision, we will provide responsible stewardship to our community and environment while achieving safe mobility and security now and for future generations. Introducing a brand-new, LH drive vehicles that complies with the country’s legally designed road usage and pertinent passenger and pedestrian safety policies. To realize above aspirations to the fullest, Dahabshiil Group managed to decide on the introduction of topnotch models from one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers – Hyundai Motors Company (HMC).
Generally, DM comprises the following three main sections: Despite having different functions and responsibilities, the three sections are principally interrelated and decisively complement one another.

1. Sales Department

Vehicle sales handle all activities relating to reviewing of the market, ordering and importing relevant vehicles, vehicle sales and marketing, issuing reports to the management of DM and Hyundai on monthly basis

2. Stock Sales (parts)

Spare parts section has the responsibility for ensuring the control and availability of the parts stock; identifying part numbers and ordering new stock as and when needed. DM meets the 3S option of the three (1S, 2S and 3S) distributorship strategies set by Hyundai Motors. The 3S arrangement stands for Sales, Service and Stock (parts)

3. Service Department

Service department is responsible for all tasks relating to vehicle inspection before delivery and after sales services such as vehicle maintenance and repair. Service department comprises two main sub-sections which are the mechanical maintenance and body repair. The two functions often operate closely as their tasks are almost certainly to overlap each other.


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    Dahabshiil Motors aims at small, medium and large businesses as well as the public sector, both local and international NGOs and diaspora population.

    Competition There is a relatively large number of very cheap used vehicles available and sold in local showrooms. Such vehicles are sold to customers in a very low price that most of the potential consumers seem to consider. In addition to the used vehicles business, there are also some, though a few, other competitors in the market that import and sell new vehicles. Those competitors also offer maintenance and repair for all types of vehicles; MAT, Hargeisa Automotive, Toyota Marill & Mahindra

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    We own our own New Service Garage incididunt Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit.

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    Main objectives

    - Avail ourselves of the opportunities and get well prepared to respond to likely challenges against us
    - Reflect on our past experience in a way that should help us provide/perform better and make headway for today and to make reasonable projections for future growth.
    - Continuously strive for perfection but sometimes have to accept something less
    - Avoid doing things half-heartedly
    - Try to translate notional plans and strategies into practical account
    - We are primarily concerned with keeping expenditure down
    - Turn/use our skills, experience and knowledge to good account
    - In business, successful outcomes usually derive from knowledge integration
    - Introduction of 2nd cars will provide us with a chance to get a lion’s portion in the battle for market share
    - Understanding of and giving serious consideration to the company’s corporate strategy

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    Performance challanges

    • Natural adversity: Covid19 seems to have an unsettling effect on the market (diaspora)
    • Budget: Board seems to have tightened the purse strings
    • Manpower: Mostly inexperienced, junior employees
    • Competitors: Operational in a market saturated with very cheap secondhand cars
    • Poor buying power: Bad economic and political climate with very high unemployment rate